• We have reached out to people living with what European standards define as psycho-social problems. Since 2015 we have collaborated with Ébredések Alapítvány/Awakenings Foundation and organised activities under the title Mental Rehab on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. This way we strive to integrate people living with invisible disabilities which affect hundreds of thousands of people in Hungary and raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding mental health and breaking down the related taboos. We announce a video competition among high school students and the entries received are then processed by slam poets and recognised professionals (e.g. Judit Harangozó dr., András Feldmár, Tamás Vekerdy, Imre Tunyogi, Péter Mészáros, Julcsi Krupa, Zsófi Kemény). As part of our high school programme we organise sensitization workshops with the involvement of peer experts and draw attention to different ways of addressing mental health problems (psycho drama, counselling, meeting a psychiatrist etc..)

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