• Each year since 2014 we have organized Rehab Critical Mass, a march through downtown Budapest, attracting thousands of people with disabilities, their relatives and sympathizers. The cheerful crowd marches to the stages set up in the centre of Budapest, where performing artists and public figures stand together to raise awareness about the issue (E.g. Budapest Bár, Republic, Anna és a Barbies, Attila Till, András Hajós, Patrícia Kovács etc.). 



1.8 million people are already a critical mass, aren’t they?

I won’t give up! – 4th Rehab Critical Mass

30 September 2017, Saturday

Building bridges – within our community: our community of men and women with disabilities invites you to join our rally for a happier and more independent life and take part in a cheerful event filled with sports and music, to be held on Saturday, 30 September 2017.

Building bridges – towards society: this is already the 4th rally and as before we hope to see people with disabilities, their family members, friends and supporters join us. There are about 1.8 million people in the Hungarian society, whose lives are affected by disabilities in one way or another.

Our motto: From soul to soul.”

Building bridges – toward the churches: We strive to make it easier for thousands of belivers with disabilities to go to church.

Building bridges – toward decision makers: In the past years we have already laid down the pillars. Now it is time we cross the bridge together!


Let’s continue building bridges!

Let’s meet on 30 September!




10.00 – 16.30 FAMILY DAY with sports and music on St. Stephen square

Wheelchair basketball, boccia, sitting volleyball, accessible fitness, integraed zumba, blind boxing, wheelchair obstacle course, blind labirynth.

Meanwhile on the stage: music by the participants of the Makkelos festival (of art groups and performers with disabilities from 6 different countries).


15.00 Meeting at Clark Adam square, by the Zero Kilometer stone on the Buda side of the Chain bridge
16.00 The march starts in the direction of Szent István square
16.35 Arrival to Szent István square

16.35 -20.00



18.00 – 19.00


Szent István square (in front of the Basilica) – a variety of cultural programmes and music performances, collective music, Neadomfel/”I won’t give up” band etc.


Inside the Basilica – Father Csaba Böjte shares his thoughts




We, the community of men and women with disabilities, know and promote that


We hope to see you at the rally!

Further information: Judit Surányi, T: +36 20 560 4026, surjudit@gmail.com